Rebecca Best

Postdoc @ the  Center for Ecology, Evolution and Biogeochemistry, Eawag, Switzerland

(with Blake Matthews, Ole Seehausen, and Bernhard Wehrli) contact

A. sectimanus

Ampithoe sectimanus on Ulva

I am interested in the ecological and evolutionary processes that limit the number of species we find coexisting in a particular community, and control the way those communities function.

To work on these questions, I have been combining trait- and phylogeny-based measures of ecological variation among species,  and combining experimental and observational data. For my dissertation research I worked on communities of crustacean grazers in seagrass systems, particularly amphipods.

Before wading into the mudflats of California, I worked on ecological and evolutionary mechanisms behind simultaneous plant and grazer invasions in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia.

amphipods in fabric